Why Ajimobi Must Forfeit Medical Centre To Oyo Government | By Barrister Yomi Ogunlola

    Governor Abiola Ajimobi


    The edifice housing this foundation is located very close to and in fact shares common borders with Adeoyo State Hospital.

    The first thing that strikes you is the intendment of the sponsors of the foundation. The Foundation is actually expected to take advantage of the inadequacies of the State Hospital, from where it gets referrals.

    The sad thing is that the very sponsor of the foundation, taking advantage of the poor state of the Adeoyo State Hospital, for personal gains, is the very man whose responsibility it was as governor, to ensure a functional hospital for the people of Oyo State.

    Some have said the Foundation belongs to Ajimobi’s wife, who is not a medical doctor. But, in Nigeria, that excuse is understandable under the circumstance.

    In other words, Ajimobi was elected as governor by the people and entrusted the duty of developing the State including the provision of affordable health care delivery services. It will be unconscionable and indeed reprehensible if that trust was abused as the instant case portends.

    For the eight years Ajimobi misruled Oyo State, Oyo State hospitals were in a sorry state and sight. In Adeoyo Hospital, for instance, health care delivery was a mirage. Going to the hospital for medical care was tantamount to committing suicide.

    The hospital, under Ajimobi’s watch, became a shadow of its former self, being even less than a mere dispensing centre.

    To make up for the loss of State Hospitals, Ajimobi and/or his wife established “Ajimobi BASIC Medical Care Foundation”; the failure of Adeoyo State Hospital became their gain, while they held sway as governor and First Lady.

    The Adeoyo State Hospital was so pitiable that it was rumoured that Doctors and other paramedics of the State Hospital resorted to farming to survive. Patients too had to bring their beddings and candles to provide illumination. But, AJIMOBI BASIC MEDICAL CARE Foundation was bustling; business was good!

    The questions begging for answers are:

    1. How could a governor earning N650,000 per month build such edifices and equipped with state of the art equipment, while still serving as governor?

    2. If it was built by the Ajimobi and/or his wife, who is not a medical doctor, where did the funding come from?

    3. Is it permissible under extant laws for a governor and/or his wife to engage in such a business venture while still serving?

    4. Does it not amount to abuse of privilege for the governor and/or his wife, while serving and not earning any outside income, to establish such a business venture?

    5. By establishing Ajimobi Basic Medical Care Foundation either by himself or by proxy, has Ajimobi not thereby allowed his personal interest to influence his official conduct and/or decisions in contravention of his oath of office?

    It is common knowledge that Ajimobi’s election in 2011 in his bid for Agodi was sponsored by well wishers. Indeed a friend of mine, Late Captain Bolaji, contributed a million naira to his campaign fund. If his salary was N650,000 per month, where did funding for Ajimobi Basic Medical Care Foundation come from? The answer may not be far fetched, thanks to his goons in a their effort to discredit the new governor.

    I read a post by some of these goons of N4.6b that was appropriated by the Ajimobi led administration for the purchase of equipment for Oyo State Hospitals in 2017, just about the time Ajimobi Basic Medical Care Foundation was established. Isn’t it rather suspicious the Foundation’s birth coincided with the release of this fund by the Ajimobi led administration?

    If Obasanjo’s library was, according to him, funded by his friends after he left office, I think it is only appropriate that AJIMOBI BASIC MEDICAL CARE FOUNDATION, which was established while Ajimobi was still governor of Oyo State, requires some explanation too!

    The EFCC and/ICPC MUST as a matter of priority take inventory of the N4.6b hospital equipments supposedly purchased by Ajimobi’s administration in 2017, to ensure that the people have not been shortchanged.

    Where it is found that the money meant for the upgrading of State Hospitals was misappropriated, the carpetbagger must be made to pay by forfeiting Ajimobi Basic Medical Care Foundation to the Oyo State Government.


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