Travails Of Twin Brothers In Edo Who Were Forced To Practice Homosexualism

Asemota Osaro

The travails of two brothers remain a shocking and sad experience that can never be forgotten in a jiffy.

Precisely on the 14 of July 2016, at about 10:42am, in house 11, Ekosodin street, back of University of Benin, Ugbwo, two young men of 21 years, namely Asemota Osagie and his twin brother, Asemota Osaro were both caught in a public bathroom inside the compound of a room apartment which their mother rented.

On a fateful day, both of them were caught having sex together as homosexual and, as a result, were beaten and seriously tortured by their neighbours

In the process, Asemota Osagie managed to escape to an unknown destination before the arrival of some policemen while his twin brother, Asemota Osaro was taken to the police station for practicing such a forbidden act.

Narrating how the scenario started, Asemota Osaro submitted that “since January this year (2016) when my mother rented one room apartment in this Edo street, Mr Paul and Mr Efe who also have an apartment close to our house started disturbing and threatening us to belong to an Homosexual group.

“Hearing this horrible request, we were so afraid and scared to let our parents and people around us know about the issue because we know them as guys who are very dangerous in the street. We also know they may come after us if we reveal the information to the public.

“At a point, Paul and Efe said if we agree to their request, they will enrich us materially by giving us things we want as our immediate needs to enjoy life better. They also promised that nothing was going to happen to us if only we keep it as top secret by not revealing to anyone know that they have been practising gay for 3 years and never been caught.”

Speaking further, Osaro indicated that “As time goes on when we were yet to submit to their request, they threatened to send us away to the street and that they will kill us if we refuse to be with them. They also vehemently warned us not to report to the police because if we do, one of their brothers, who is also a police man will lie against us to win the case.

Asemota Osagie

“They added that the brother they have in the police would testify against us that myself and my twin bro are gay, an offence that can get us arrested and send us to jail.”

Asemota Osaro

Continuing: “Eventually, we were pushed to join them in the act and we started enjoying ourselves and began to love it but they did not give us the material things they promised us not until today,14th July that me and my twin brother were caught in the bathroom.
Precisely on the 10th of April 2016, we joined the guys and started having sex with them in their apartment.

Actually, we have done it once before in the bathroom when our mummy was at home but nobody catch us in the act.

My twin brother, Asemota Osagie, managed to escape when our neighbours James, Wilfred, Mary caught us and started beating us with stick and metal. Now, I don’t know the whereabouts of my brother, Osagie, and I’m really feeling bad about it now. I dont also want to go to jail.


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