Police Service Commission Stinks As Perm. Sec. Threatens To Expose Partners In Illegal Promotion

… Revelations On Other Shady Deals Exposed.


Following revelations made by SaharaReporters about how the permanent secretary of the Police Service Commission PSC, Mr. Istifanus Musa, had been majorly involved in the controversial promotions within the Nigerian Police Force, as well as his refusal to allow the PSC review such promotions and other shady practices, which resulted in a number of groups calling for his investigation and removal from the PSC.

According to report Musa allegedly threatened to expose all those within and outside the commission who collaborated with him in the shady promotion exercise.

In the press statement the Group revealed that in the light of these revelations and the uproar much generated, the permanent secretary who may now be retired or redeployed from the commission has resorted to blackmailing a number of commission members as his accomplices.

The source hinted that ” Musa had vowed not to go down alone for his perceived misdeeds. He is now clutching at straws running from pillar to post, begging a number of big shots in the system to help save his job. When it was apparent that such an approach was failing, he then switched to blackmail but this appears not to be working either”

Also, there are fresh findings of corrupt practices perpetrated by Musa in the PSC. Such findings include that he got compensation from the contractor that built the new Headquarters building.

The group also stated that the same Permanent Secretary played a role in facilitating a Media contract from the Nigerian Police through former PRO Jimoh Moshood. The contract worth 5million naira was awarded in favour of a sitting commissioner, a job that was never done.

Also according to reports from SaharaReporters former police PR Jimoh Moshood was also a beneficial of the illegal promotion.


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