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OYRTMA Boss Charges Motorists On Road Safety Tips, Traffic Laws


The Chairman of Oyo State Road Transport Management Authority, Dr Stephen Fagbemi, has dished out some useful pieces of information and guidelines to road users on safety precautions and traffic laws, with a view to ensuring that road users enjoy smooth ride without no hiccup or embarrassment.

The following are the The 11 tips:

1. First, be sure your drivers license and cars papers are up to date, don’t assume it has not expired.

*2.* Always check all necessary oil and water in your vehicles before driving out.

*3.* Ensure your pointer, brake light, parking light and others are working.

*4.* Ensure your Fire Extinguisher, C – Caution, Spare Tyres and others are intact.

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*5.* Do not drive against traffic *(ONE WAY).*

*6.* To reverse on the high way is a serious traffic offence and let’s obey traffic light.

*7.* Any area you are not familiar with ensure you do your findings about the roads before driving to such areas or use *Google Map* as a guide.

*8.* Areas/roads marked for no parking please don’t park in such areas rather park inside a street off the road.

*9.* Do all your possible best to avoid being caught up in an accident and also avoid being caught up with traffic laws.

*10.* Do not attack *Law Enforcement Agencies.*

*11.* Avoid use of phone to make calls and messages while driving.

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