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Oyo PDP Aggrieved Members And Their Selfish Intentions | By Dare Adeleke


Looking into the manners at which the so called aggrieved members gathered on the Monday during the hours when reasonable beings were busy with their works. Their conduct showed that the interest of the state is not in their hearts. The composition of those who gathered to cast aspersions on Governor Seyi Makinde has placed them where they belong.

There were no critical stakeholders of our party at the meeting. No single state lawmaker or National Assembly member was in there meeting; we have 27 members of House of Assembly and none was present in their meeting, none of our party or ward chairmen was there so they only represented themselves because of pecuniary gains.

Interestingly, how many of them can boast of 20 people in their local government. Their heart desire is an exercise in futility which has also landed in failure with the responses gathered from the public.

In Oyo State today, Governor Seyi Makinde is the leader of PDP, they have not accused the Governor of non-performance, they have not seen the Governor doing what is against the law. His Excellency, Governor Makinde sworn to preserve the integrity of the state and not to serve people because of their pecuniary gains.

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There won’t be parallel congress in Oyo State, our question is ” why are they running away from the contest? If they are popular, let them come out and participate in the stated dates for the congresses. People are expected to come to the designated venues and whoever has the majority of delegates carries the day.

Those who cast aspersions are minority. They converged on Monday to distract the governor and are afraid of going to the congresses. They know they do not have the number and they will lose out completely. If any one of them have congent reason against the Governor, he or she should come out and state it. Many of those who gathered and cast aspersions on who masses love has done so to loose their ties. The good work of Governor Makinde has etched his name in gold.

It is so evident that the majority will carry the day, let the minority have a rethink and drop their ego.

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