OPINION: We Must Pick Strange Calls | By Fola Adekeye

Fola Adekeye


Party politics is war in Nigeria. Politicians use everything money can energize to win. Money can energize thugs. Money can energize charms. Money can energize incantations. Money can energize murder. Money can energize arson.

Governorship elections are often the clash of money and energized powers both spiritual and presidential. In their battlefields, party candidates are sheeps but their field marshals are scoundrels – villain and mean. Small and big people do get killed in our party democracy. Houses can be reduced to rubbles.

In Ibadan, Ajimobi picked two surprise loses last year. He lost his senatorial bid. He also failed to install a loyal successor. All to the watertight PDP machines of Makinde.

When the dusts settled and Makinde got sworn in, Ajimobi would naturally have nothing to do with him. Makinde spoilt his chance to throw weight around as a godfather. Aregbesola won’t take that. He installed his successor through inconclusive openings and dared all. Compared to Aregbesola, Ajimobi was a better democrat.

Fola Adekeye

But, the pound was polluted. Ajimobi and Makinde didn’t return to friendship after elections. So, when Ajimobi took ill, he quickly relocated to Lagos. He was sure of better treatment under a friend and APC Governor. He did trusted any hospital in a PDP State.

Lagos was home for him and his family until he took a step or two in the dance of all mortals. After his death, the politics of his burial raised further dusts.

Wives of big politicians don’t pick strange numbers. Someone cheated by their husbands could be calling them.

Ajimobi’s wife doesn’t pick strange calls. Makinde and his deputy aren’t her husband’s friends. It was in her self-defence not to pick their strange calls.

But, she won’t enter Ibadan to bury Ajimobi without Makinde approving where she preferred. So, it became double wahala for dead body all through last week until some Good Samaritans stepped in and needed approval was obtained to bury Ajimobi inside his vast Oluyole residence.

I write to appeal to our brothers and sisters in party politics to allow friendship after elections. Please, pick strange calls. Tell your wives to pick strange calls. Communication remains a big blessing to humanity.


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