OPINION: Lekan Balogun’s Spirit Reincarnated In His Lifetime | By Comrade Akinyefa Olalere


Balogun’s ancestors were known to be brave and gallant warriors. Lekan Balogun in his heyday was a legend of some sort. He was known as a dogged and steadfast icon, guided by principles. His generosity, humility, strong sense of justice and amiable character endeared him to many.

Princess Olayinka Balogun the daughter of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Olalekan Mohood Ishola Balogun, is no doubt carrying on that spirit of justice, fairness and doing the right thing.

Without mincing words, She is a shining light in the darkness that seems to have encompassed our society. She is one to watch.

Princess Olayinka Balogun, daughter of Olubadan of Ibadanland

A number of incidents recently brought Princess Olayinka Balogun to my consciousness. She was resolute in her stand on truth. Despite the many efforts of some to sway and even bully her to bury the said issues, Princess Olayinka Balogun, who is also known to some as Mrs Gbadamosi, was unflinching and unperturbed.

The first impression of Princess Olayinka Balogun that one gets is one of a very calm, quiet, reserved woman. Beneath her sweet and delicate nature, is a core of steel. Who is this woman and what drives her? In my conversations with her, I discovered Truth and The Almighty Creator are the rocks upon which she boldly stands. What a breath of fresh air.

Princess Olayinka Balogun was the Senior Accountant at the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, London Office and, at some point, she was the Senior Special Adviser, SSA, to the Oyo State Government on Economic Planning and Budgeting. She has also been an employee of the British Government, working in one of the UK agencies.

Princess Olayinka and Monarch

Indeed, Oba Olalekan Balogun is truly blessed to be the chosen one to father her. With her recent actions regarding the life and health of her father, her ancestors must be smiling down on her. She is a blessing to Oyo State and I hope we see more of her.

May His Imperial Majesty live long in peace and good health.

Kabiyesi, fervently hold on and keep fighting for your life as the best is yet to come.

Stay Strong, dear Monarch!

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