OPINION: KAYAN MATA: Nigeria’s Next Big Thing? By Funsho Arogundade


The growing trend in the use of Kayan Mata by women seeking to up their sexual experience has spread from the Northern axis of the country to the South. The demand for this local aphrodisiac is high, with entrepreneurs cashing in and smiling to the banks.

This underrated business is silently taking in millions and could very well metamorphose into an industry that was not envisaged to appear on the Nation’s economic radar.

Kayan Mata which means “women’s things” can be traced to the North, in particular States such as Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi among others. They are spices, herbs, roots that are skillfully prepared to take the sexual act to a whole new level for both partners.

Originally meant for Northern brides to be used during the consumption of marriage and in the marriage, however present reality check with pre-marital sex now being the order of the day, has made it a go-to aphrodisiac for all.

Although the discussion of sex in the public domain is still regarded as a sacred cow not to be done, Kayan Mata sellers are redefining the status quo, particularly across social media networks and utilizing online channels such as websites, blogs, YouTube to reach, enlighten and engage audience.

Kayan Mata has become the local alternative to foreign aphrodisiacs and not only that it’s used for sexual pleasure, it is claimed to be effective for women experiencing low libido after child birth. Of course there is no scientific backing to the claims, only perception of customers feedback from the sellers.

Since Kayan Mata products are organic, sellers claim it is healthy to use and it comes in form of sweets, sweetener powders, lubricants among others.

There is the notion by conservatives that Kayan Mata products are embedded in fetishism or voodoo based on what it accomplished especially on the male partner. However, the sellers have dispelled same attributing the high rate of success to the efficacy of Nature’s rich, healthy, highly charging provision embedded in Kayan Mata. After all, fruits and vegetables come from nature and are best for providing nourishment the body needs to work optimally.

Kayan Mata business has successfully empowered particularly female entrepreneurs involved in the booming trade such as Hauwa Muhammed of Jaaruma Empire, Miwa Balqees of Miwa Signature Palace, Amina Ayeni of Aminat’s Secret, Deborah Ajayi of Omoshola’s Place, Tobi Kukoyi of Mydsiac, among others.

They are sex therapists seemingly diagnosing sex problems and prescribing the Kayan Mata products that would rectify same.

It is no longer news that sex sells and despite the ravaging of the Covid-19 pandemic on the purchasing power of people, couples desiring intimacy continue to buy Kayan Mata products.

Can Kayan Mata become the next big thing to generate revenue for the country through exportation, the way cash crops once put Nigeria on the international map in the 70’s and now in the light of crude oil?

Only time will tell.


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