OPINION: Hypocrisy Of Political And Religious Leaders In Nigeria, By Comrade Ogbu A.

Comrade Ogbuh


In the Holy Bible book of Matthew 23:27 Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry chastised the scribes and Pharisees of his time saying; “Woe unto you hypocrites for ye are like unto white sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all un-cleanliness.”

Over two thousand years ago, this adjectives depicting the true nature of the class of people refers, speaks clearly to the political and religious leaders in Nigeria.
In analyzing this analogy, I am taking the readers through definitions and brief explanations of the word “Hypocrisy”. A person, who pretends to be something that really he is not, is a hypocrite. It is not just making a mistake but a deliberate plan to pretend, deceive or cheat. Dirty inside but clean outside.

Hypocrisy can take two forms, that of professing belief in something and then acting in a manner contrary to that belief. The other is that of looking down on others when you are flawed. Jesus Christ described them in varied adjectives; “white-washed tombs, wolfs in sheep’s clothing, snakes and broods of vipers and graves”.

Hypocrisy is manifests in political and religious leaders in Nigeria through pride of life, undeserved desire for honour of man and a feeling of insecurity. They want to be respected in their political offices and places of worship as being ethical and righteous, but in secret committing iniquities by their actions or inactions.
In Africa since the transition of social formation from close (society) social relations to open (society) social relations foisted by western capitalist system of production relations, the hypocrisy became glaring.

The political class arbitrarily usurps and undermines the traditional institution and religious realm of the society to render it vulnerable to corrupt tendencies.
With power firmly in the hands of the political class and some time hijacked by the military junta, the two continue to advance the show of hypocrisy in high places while the suffering masses follow in hysteria or passive submission to the dictate of the de facto power that be.

There is no part of Africa that hypocrisy is more flagrant than Nigeria. The flagship of Nigeria’s hypocrisy is the unabashed claim to “One Nigeria” as an indivisible sovereign entity. If in 1914, Britain foisted amalgamation on the dispersed territories of diverse ethnic nationalities and called it Nigeria. There are no cannon that say, it must be so far eternity.

However, it has been so and may continue to be because of Nigerians notoriety for hypocrisy.

In this miasma of conundrum in hypocrisy, the very large territories merged by foreign power continue to strive and thrive in covert and overt attempts at recreating it peculiar religious and ethnic identities.
As these power tendencies pull at the hypocritical sovereign centre, the centre hypocritically continue to grapple for power to assert relevance. It is a clear case of centrifugal and centripetal forces and the centre can no longer hold. From North to South, East to West, the hypocritical entity is tearing at the seam while equally; hypocritical political and religious leaders unite in organizing and celebrating a four-year ritual called election.

The immediate and remote consequences of hypocrisy by political and religious leaders in any society manifest in varied ways. These include; bad leadership, shame and disgrace, punishment, curses and sudden death (spiritual or physical) atrophy of the ruling and religious elites or the nation. History is replete with narratives of the rise and fall of ancient empires until the era of modern nation states.

Comrade Ogbu Ameh

Some very recent echoes of mass discontents across the world are clearly remembered; from the Arab Spring to Occupy Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The aforementioned consequences might not in the literal sense manifest in the true sense of the words, but have correlations with them.

It could be discontents, crime, protest, revolt and other negative social deviances gradually degenerating into anarchy.
The antidote to hypocrisy and hypocrites is Revolution.

Revolution requires theoretical grounded leaders who teach working class and the suffering masses that alternative society is possible in socialism. That if they deepen their socialist ideological consciousness, the crass hypocrisy of the Troika (politicians, military and their religious official seal of legitimacy will be shattered finally).

In this era, religious leaders have turned unofficial spokes men of politicians. They go the whole hug to predict which preferred candidates God spoke to them will win in the elections.

In their brazen hypocrisy, they close their eyes to the high level of poverty walking on two legs in Nigeria. They fraternize with politicians and bless them for huge returns of Tithe and donation.

Their schools built from proceeds of money accruing to the coffer are too expensive for the poor parents in their churches to enroll their children. On the other hand, city landscape clusters with houses of worship left and right, yet Nigeria is rated high on global index for the negative reasons like poverty, mother-child mortality, out of schoolchildren, unemployment, infrastructure deficit, and the list is endless.

While Nigeria is producing religious merchants, the rest of the world left it behind as it continues to produce those that create products for Nigerians to consume. Medical tourism crept into the lexicon of Nigerians ruling elites insatiable urge for foreign goods and services consumption. That goes to show the world that the fabled Giant of Africa has long ago been strangulated by the combined conspiracy of unproductive and parasitic ruling elites.

As the country once again finds itself at the turn of yet another four-year ritual of vote for candidates who they cannot hold accountable, the working class can dealt a decisive blow to the bourgeois ruling elites. It is yet another opportunity to unveil the façade of age long tradition of political and religious leaders’ hypocrisy in Nigeria.
The General Indefinite Workers Strike Action is a very good starting point.

Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta! Injury to One! Injury to All!

Workers produce the Wealth of the Nation; they deserve a fair share of it. Say No to Jumbo pay and allowances to political office holders. They must be placed on Minimum Wage too!


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