OPINION: Electoral Bill: Buhari’s Refusal To Assent And Impending Doom On Our Democracy, By Issa Itopa Lucky

Issa Itopa Lucky

In exactly two days time (11th December 2018), it will be 4 years that President Buhari emerged as the Presidential flag-bearer of the then opposition APC. But the turn-around here is that going into 2019, President Buhari is in authority and not in opposition.

This one that APC is yet to start it’s “2019” campaign rally at all and President Buhari is fixing and cancelling his own rally as a sitting President in his own “backyard” like Kano State, I just hope that all these delay tactics will not result in Buhari shifting the general elections away from February 16th 2019.

I just hope Mr President and his goons in power will not dare shift the 2019 General elections by even a day when the time is near.

We are yet to recover from the latest blow on democracy courtesy of President Buhari’s refusal of assent for the fourth time in a row, to the Electoral Amendment Bill 2018.

This time his excuse is “late-timing of the Bill” consequent upon 2019 and hence wants us to go into the 2019 elections under the 2015 status-quo.

Well; Military President Ibrahim Babangida handed over without tearing the nation apart in 1993, President Jonathan democratically handed Nigeria over in 2015 to President Buhari without tearing the country apart.

History now beckons on President Buhari in 2019, even as the whole world watches along with the poor helpless locals at his whims and caprices.

We in opposition can only speak and write, hoping he who has ears listen to what the spirit is saying, while suing for peace side-by-side.

As a writer, I am prepared with my pen to write truth continually to the APC-led Government ceaselessly for as long as it does not run out of ink, sure; it has been inked enough to last through the 2019 general elections when ever they will eventually hold, I doubt February 16th, 2019 as being hoped for.

Come to think of it, if President Buhari can use scheme and scorn to attempt to frustrate and out-time the 2018 Electoral Bill, I join my pen with His Excellency Atiku Abubakar and call on all to watch closely the way(s) of President Buhari and fear his power-hungry possible approach to mere “gentleman agreement” and worry in terms of taking him seriously or not, with regards to the possibility of him permitting free, fair and credible polls in 2019 as a sitting President.

If President Buhari can dash our hopes of an amendment bill to an electoral process, if President Buhari can dash the hopes of his followers and of course, relatively the nation altogether by cancelling his planned 2019 Presidential rally, the first in the series however; I have concrete reasons therefore to fear that President Buhari may dash our hopes as a nation even in terms of the eventual date(s) of the general elections when we get to the “2019”.

I call on all who are hoping that February 16th, 2019 is the date for the general polls to think twice as this President Buhari administration is not one to be trusted or taken for it’s words.

Infact, if this administration tells you “good morning”, check your time to be sure it’s not noon time yet. It is that serious at this point.

Be it all as it may, I am comforted in the fact that we as a nation, going into 2019 are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, namely; the USA as ably led by a no-nonsense Donald Trump, the UK which still checkmates Nigeria to be sure it’s not breaking up any time soon.

We yet have the United Nations (UN) who should not sleep over the matter of Nigeria as it is now, especially in terms of the bad democratic blood with which it is going into it’s “2019” general elections.

I am comforted that inspite of all that is happening now and more to come, most likely bad; the international community would keep vigil over Nigeria through the elections down to the transition point unfailingly on May 29th 2019.

Issa Itopa Lucky is a sociopolitical writer and wrote in from Abuja


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