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OPINION: And Fani Kayode Returns To His Vomit, By Igboeli Arinze

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Save for myself, the actions of an average Nigerian politician no longer surprises me. No, i am so done allowing myself to be wowed by any politician, whether he be young or old.

Thus, i wasn’t taken aback when visuals of President Muhammadu Buhari appeared together with Nigeria’s basketmouth politician, in the person of Femi Fani Kayode as the latter had gone to pay Baba Buhari a visit in Ask Rock as well as cement his reentry into the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Trust social media, they have began to cheer and mostly jeer, for here was a man who had repeatedly, right from 2014 been taking the APC and who was who to the cleaners. If the APC according to Fani was not planning the islamization of Nigeria, the party was surely planning its fulanization with Buhari as its henchman.

He became the toast of many Nigerians who had chosen to blame Buhari for every of their problems under the sun, including someone’s goat which had gone missing. Fani Kayode became the official critic of the APC/ Buhari. He courted his fellow mavericks and any body who openly disagreed with President Buhari. In doing so, he deployed every arsenal, every known medium and every style of language. He employed sentiments and propaganda together with all known forms of theatrics. He wowed his audience and wooed them with more yabis. and knocks, He dipped his pen into hell’s kind of vitriol and penned away words borne with acerbic reasoning. APC to Fani was a poisoned chalice and he would rather die than return to the party he had even boasted.


Fani even danced dirty, at many points he was like an Agbero in a “roforofo” fight who had thrown all decency into the winds and wouldn’t mind wrestling naked with his ugly sights vieed without requiring any pay per view, even at that, society still celebrated the mad man, for as long as Buhari and the APC were Fani’s whipping boys, he could throw all decency to the dogs too, this set of Nigerians cared not much.

These Nigerians do not know or perhaps they knew but gave excuses for Femi Kayode’s background or should i say history, otherwise they would have known that Fani’s Father. Remi Fani Kayode had also been a tic- tac-toe politician, changing platforms and even professed ideologies at the slightest whim.

Again, perhaps i may be wrong to have connected his(FFK’s) forward and backward dance to his DNA, but then i am not sure i will be wrong should we revisit his antecedents: Can we forget how Fani Kayode lampooned Obasanjo in the hey days of our return to democracy only to become Obasanjo’s chief noisemaker when they appointed him as a Special Assistant on Public Affairs before he became Minister for Culture and later for Aviation where he was only notable for calling our former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, “Ole” in FEC meetings.

Not done, FFK took swipes at Umaru Yar Adua but then joined the APC and began acting as the party’s spokesperson. He raised a storm against the then sitting President, Goodluck Jonathan, describing him as a man with no balls and leaving a legacy of destruction and disaster. He attacked the Igbo nation in the heat of the Anambra guber elections of 2013 courting immense umbrage.

But before one could say Casa in Casablanca, Fani Kayode had returned to his vomit and President Jonathan became the next best thing after ofe Oha( Oha Soup) and a ball-less Jonathan was now an “endowed” president (Apologies to Dbanj)

Even an Atiku Abubakar who Fani Kayode had openly called all manner of unprintable names was given a clean bill of health and hailed as a patriot by the same Fani Kayode when the former vied for the office of president in 2019. Atiku automatically became a Saint

So you see why Fani Kayode’s return to the APC isn’t surprising, this has been his trend for the past 22 years and to add insult to injury, he ascribes his waka waka to bridge building! Pray what will happen to the bridges Fani Kayode sought to build with NdiIgbo when he urged them to declare the Republic of Biafra, promising to follow suit. What bridges would those Yoruba and Igbo youths who died heeding Fani Kayode’s call for seccession ply now that the same Fani is in bed with their alleged traduces?

In civilised climes, Fani Kayode would be.the buzzword for tomfoolery, as well as for treachery and pricinple-less politics, sadly here, he will still be celebrated

But why blame Fani Kayode for exhibiting this kind of madness? Why belabor the clowning for which we have repeatedly cheered as a people? Why are we denouncing him when lo and behold he is the making of our society and its nauseating love for principle-less politicking!

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