Op-Ed: Abia State Governorship Tussle: Federal High Court Ruling And Its Implications | By Nnaemeka Ogbona


The Federal High Court sitting at Umuahia today being the 21st day of July 2022 in a pre-election matter filed by one of the gubernatorial aspirants in All Progressives Congress in Abia State, Dr. Daniel Eke, the plaintiff represented by Bar Obinna Nkume challenging the validity of the two primaries that produced Chief Ikechi Emenike and Dr. Uche Ogah granted an interlocutory application by the petitioner restraining INEC from publishing Chief Ikechi Emenike and/or Dr. Uche Ogah as the party’s gubernatorial candidate pending the determination of the Substantive suit. High Chief Ikechi Emenike was represented by Fagbemi SAN and Dr Uche Ogah by Bar O.O Amuzie.

The INEC being one of the respondents in the said suit earlier in it’s submission denied ever monitoring the conduct of the either of the primaries. The implication is that there’s a very high likelihood of the two primaries mentioned in the said suit of being voided thereby leaving APC without a gubernatorial candidate in Abia State which a very precarious position for the party.

In view of the above and for the party to delicately navigate through this legal imbroglio, it will be in the best interest of the party to explore political solution by presenting one of the aspirants in the primary.

Obinna Oriaku, the immediate past commissioner of finance in Abia State as the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Abia State have regards to his wide acceptability and the groundswell support he enjoys through out the state coupled with the fact that he’s competent, fit and proper and has endeared himself to generality of the populace in Abia State during his time as the commissioner of finance.

His candidacy will energize the party, the general public and act as unifier. He has the capacity of sending PDP packing out of the office and Government House in the state.

Nnaemeka Ogbonna is a Public Affairs Analyst. He writes from Umuahia, Abia State.

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