Nigerian Undergraduate Creates Websites For Sex With Rich Men




Detectives from Iyana-Oworo Police Station, Lagos State Command have arrested an undergraduate of Offa Polytechnic, Kwara State for allegedly creating websites to lure ladies into having sex with rich men.

The 26-year-old suspect, simply identified as Sarumi, is an Ordinary National Diploma student of Computer Science.

Sarumi was arrested on Tuesday in an operation led by the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Iyana-Oworo Police Station, a Superintendent of Police, Nkereuwem Joshua.

Sarumi was arrested along with his alleged accomplice, Folashade Teslim (20).
The police claimed to have recovered 10 phones from Teslim.

The phones are believed to be items from Sarumi’s victims.

A police source said: “Sarumi created a Facebook site with the name ‘Queen Diamond’ and an Instagram handle ‘Doyin Cookies,’ where he lured ladies to hook up with foreign men for sex.

“Sarumi used to demand N10,000 registration fee from prospective customers, which he claimed was for them to access and unlock a code.

“Sarumi lied to the ladies that some white men working for MTN were looking for ladies for sex.

“Each girl, who was picked by the white men, would be paid N50,000.

“Some of the girls even promised him some percentage of the money, including free sex.”

When Sarumi realized that his patronage had increased, he left his studies and moved to a hotel in Lagos, where he invited more victims for screening.

The Police said: “He rented expensive hotels to make his victims believe his deal was real.

“He collected N10,000 as consultation fee from each of his victims.”

Sarumi explained when he lodge in any hotel, he would invite the ladies to meet him there.

He said: “I told them that before they could be connected to the main deal, they would have to drop their phones with me and wait for me in the hotel room.
“I tell them that I have to go with their phones to unlock the code, which I had earlier sent to them after they applied.
“They would comply; I would collect their phones and escape.
“After each encounter, I block the sites and open another one to avoid being traced.”
Sarumi recalled that there was a time he relocated to Obalende area, where he lodged in Famous Hotel and later invited some ladies.
He claimed that the girls offered him money and sex so that he could link them to the rich men.
Sarumi said: “This time, I told them that some white men had arrived to work for MTN, and have agreed to pay the ladies N50,000 per night for sex for 20 days.
“I applied the same trick I did at Oshodi; they left their phones with me.
“What gave me away was that I relocated to Britannia Hotel, at Ajao Estate.
“I never knew that a lady, who was amongst the set at Obalende, was actually tracking me.
“What I do is that immediately I was through with a particular set of ladies, I cut them off by creating a new site.
“I can use two to 10 numbers on one WhatsApp to control the girls.
“So this particular girl, Mary, who I was now using her line with her picture to lure others, had already told her friends about me.
“She had also reported to the police.
“One of her friends, Mistura, hooked up with me on my platform.
“She alerted Mary and the police.
“And then she played along with me.
“I told her to meet me at Britannia Hotel at Ajao Estate.
“She came with Mary and a team of policemen from Iyana-Oworo Police Station.
“Whenever these girls come to any hotel to meet me, I used my money to lodge them and use their registration money to feed them.
“I make my money by selling their phones.
“I sell the phones to a friend, Ibrahim, who is now in Dubai.
“Ibrahim knows how I got the phones and since he has travelled, I contacted him and he directed me to give the phones to his fiancée.
“I created the platform for my personal gains.
“The lady, Teslim, who police arrested with me, does not know anything about this deal.
“She just collected the phones on behalf of her fiancé.
“She is innocent.”


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