MONIYA/ISEYIN ROAD PROJECT: Makinde Building Modern Oyo State – Group



The Oyo State Development Advocacy Group (OSDAG), has hailed Governor Seyi Makinde over his recent commissioning of reconstruction of the 65km Moniya- Ijaye- Iseyin road project, awarded to KOPEK construction company, which will be ready soon.

The group said that, the move is a strategic one because, the road when completed, will help power the economic development plans of the governor in Agricultural sector, as it will serve as a link road to the Dry Port project at Olorisaoko, which will aide the movements of agricultural produces and mineral resources from Oke-Ogun area to the Dry Port for onward exporting.

Oyo State will soon begin to serve as the food basket of the Nation, and be a source of Agricultural export to other African countries and the world at large.

According to the spokesman of the group, Micheal Ogunsina, we are confident that, Engr. Seyi Makinde is the man sent by God, to build a new and modern Oyo State, urging all the citizens across the political and non partisan lines to support him. We now have a governor who is ready to bring prosperity to the State, we must not allow any internal and external forces to disrupt his programmes, we must resist any plot or attempt in that regard.

The group said that, all the moves of the governor since he assumed office, has been pointing to the direction of new and modern state, commending him for donating over 100 brand new cars and other technological driven gadgets, to the security forces, to aide security of lives and property in the state.

For the first time in the history of Oyo State, the State is on the world map, because of the developmental strides of the Governor, we are also commending him for fixing roads and sharp bends, that were death traps, abandoned by the previous administrations, not only in the State capital but all over Oyo State.

The governor recently commissioned bio metric capture for all civil servants in the state. It is a lofty idea, that will help the government to get an accurate data, to enable the government to plan for the development of the State.

The group urges all civil servant to corporate with the people in charge, in order to benefit from the outcome of the process.

We are aware, the world is watching us in Oyo State, and can assure that, Engr Seyi Makinde will not fail in all his campaign promises, in fact, what is currently seen is just a tip of an iceberg compare to what is coming, the group, OSDAG said.

Micheal Ogunsina
Spokesman, OSDAG.


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