GOOD GOVERNANCE: Gov. Makinde Is Working, APC Is Crying, By ROTIMI JOHNSON


Governor Seyi Makinde is not a talkative but a silent achiever; someone who prides himself in his actions doing the talking because only fools doubt proofs. It’s understandable because reticence is part of his brand and that’s why his words carry much weight; he walks the talk only. That some people have graduated from wailing to crying isn’t a surprise too because they thought it can’t be done until they saw someone doing it.

Last weekend, I noticed after my weekly feedback analysis that the Oyo State APC have relaunched their arsenal but interestingly, they cannot go beyond the level of propaganda and pettiness; raising spurious allegations and inconsequential issues. As much as we would not want to be dragged into their pettiness, we will still try and put them where they belong; the defeated team that is frustrated and throwing tantrums.

The spurious allegations of N62m scam in the Governor’s office is a figment of the imagination of the peddlers; at the appropriate time, the issues shall be clarified. GSM is unlike “Koseleri” who describes allegations of stealing Government vehicles as trivial and GSM admits to take responsibility for the mistakes of his team, that means the buck still rests on his table, that is exemplary leadership. Even if it were N62,000 not N62m, GSM would still take responsibility and not make excuses. I understand the frustration of APC goons because GSM’s conducts and body languages in the last 3 months have rubbished the wrongly celebrated achievements of Gov Abiola Ajimobi; they have forgotten the Yoruba adage that if we compare children with one another, you might beat one to death. It is not only ridiculous to tag GSM in any fraud rumour, it is stupid to think he would want to cover up any Fraud as they allege. Openness and uprightness are virtues the APC supporters are not familiar with.

On the issues of billboards celebrating GSM achievements, how dare anyone put the responsibility of such on PDP or the government of Oyo State? I asked the idle peddlers if there is PDP or Oyo State logo on it and they answered in the affirmative, NO. Then why bother on such petty issue and lay it on the shoulder of the government? Well, like cobweb trying to hinder the movement of the Elephant, it is too inconsequential, even if it is made into twine ropes. Just the same way they have the right to post jargons on the social media, other members of the public have the right to erect billboards to celebrate this administration or condemn it, whether rightly or wrongly.

Leaving a lasting legacy, setting the pace and establishing institutions that will continue beyond the tenure of this administration is the focus of this government and like the attempts to lay booby traps for GSM administration didn’t work, the plans to distract us with propangada will fail too.

This is “business unusual” and the new Sheriff in town is not haughty or petty, he wants the job done and he is leading by example. I will state it here again that it is not easy to be a viable opposition party and it becomes at uphill task when the goodwill from the people is very strong and the incumbent is performing.
Since GSM is not giving any excuse for lapses or failure; he has not attributed any negative outcome as consequences from last administration but he has faced governance squarely, then if APC members chose to cry, instead of wail, then we won’t tell them not to cry because it’s our good reports that caused the weeping and it will be wicked on our part to insist they must not cry, after being beaten blue and black at the polls.


Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson, [Ojasope]


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