God Using Makinde For The Oppressed, S’Court Will Reaffirm His Victory – People With Disabilities


The Supreme Court will today deliver judgment in respect of the 2019 Oyo guber poll. The victory of the people’s governor, Seyi Makinde, in that poll, is crystal clear.

Today’s judgment, no doubt, will reaffirm that victory. The prayers of everyone, particularly people with disabilities in Oyo state have ascended up into high heaven as a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice to the Almighty, who rules in the affairs of men.

The Lord is doing a new thing for the oppressed through the administration of Gov. Seyi Makinde: He is lifting the poor from the dust, and the needy from the dung-hill, to set them among prince and princess.

Dear fellow people with disabilities! Everyone of us appointed as Supervisory Counselor will play active roles in that position. They will be made to function in key areas to prove our Governor’s firm belive that disability does not equate inability. Do not misconstrue your appointment as a placating and comforting cushion to rest your head; it is a call to service!

People with disabilities

There will be enough goodies to go round all of us – people with disabilities in Oyo state. Let us all remain expectant. Very concrete plans are underway to come up with policies that will engage everyone of us productively. Gov. Makinde strongly believes that no society can progress when you leave people with disabilities behind politically and economically.



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