FAKE NEWS: I Never Criticised Makinde Over Ajimobi’s Burial – Wike


There they go again, lying and polluting the air instead of honouring the dead. I just spoke to His Excellency Nyesom Wike in relation to a fake story, which some characters have been trying to make viral through WhatsApp.

In that story, which some characters credited to the Rivers State governor, HE Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State governor was said to have criticised Makinde on the handling of the late former Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s burial.

But they have been BUSTED. Wike never said anything on the matter.

I just spoke to His Excellency and he said clearly that Makinde is his friend and alter ego and that he could not in any way have criticised Makinde’s handling of the Ajimobi burial when he is one of those who got first hand information from Governor Makinde about the situation in Oyo.

Let me quote him: “To the best of my knowledge, Governor Makinde, my brother and friend, has done no wrong to the Ajimobis. If I am in his shoes, with all the shenanigans committed against the governor by Ajimobi’s wife, the Ajimobis would not have any special waiver to bury their dead at the Government Reserved Area (GRA) like Oluyole.

They would have buried their dead at any of the designated cemeteries where everyday people bury the dead.

“You can’t ignore my call and tell yourself that you were mourning. If the agony of mourning your husband’s death made you ignore calls and forget protocols, how did you see the phone to call Governor Sanwoolu, Baba Obasanjo and others, whom you lobbied to try and force Makinde’s hands to allow you bury your dead on the 48 plot property which is said to be under litigation? Does she not know that Makinde as the Governor of Oyo State is the Chief mourner of the former governor and not her?

“In fact, they should count themselves lucky that they dealt with  a gentleman governor like Makinde, who still bent backwards despite being slighted that much by the family of the former governor.

“But as I said earlier, I have not said a thing about the Ajimobi matter safe, of course, to commiserate with them. So, nobody should drag my name into the matter to drive a wicked narrative that borders on greed, arrogance and blatant disregard for laid down protocols.

“Tell them I dare anyone who want to claim that he heard me make those comments to release video of our conversation to show where I said it and to whom.”


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