EXCLUSIVE: 2019: Akwa Ibom Governor Signs Pact With APC

    PDP Umbrella

    .. Udom’s Plan To Back Buhari Causes Stir In PDP

    • There’s no pact; gov remains dedicated to PDP’s success—Aide

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is heading for another crisis over the 2019 general election, as one of its stronghold states, Akwa Ibom, has been reportedly ceded to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) by the incumbent governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel.

    It was gathered that the governor, who is interested in seeking a second term, recently brokered a deal with President Muhammadu Buhari to support his re-election as president while in return, the president would prevail on his men not to deploy the federal might to support the APC in Akwa Ibom, where the current Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mr Nsima Ekere, is favoured to fly the APC flag.

    The pact is, however, said to be sending jitters down the spine of PDP stakeholders within and outside the state, as it is said to be capable of destroying the party’s stronghold and leading to a massive loss in the National Assembly and House of Representatives elections, which will hold on the same day as the presidential election.

    However, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr Ekerete Udoh, when contacted denied the existence of such pact, noting that there was no truth to the claim and that the governor “is totally, completely dedicated to the success of the PDP.”

    “Are they talking about an imaginary Akwa Ibom State or the Akwa Ibom State that we know? If they are talking about the Akwa Ibom State that we know; it is a decidedly PDP state and the governor is a major player in the PDP’s ascendance. The governor is a general in PDP’s army of good governance and on December 2, 2017, he led his troop to win all the 31 local government chairmanship seats and all the 329 councillorship seats for the PDP,” Udoh added.

    According to sources in the party, plan had been concluded by Governor Udom to make people support Buhari in order to ease his return as state governor, a development that has, however, been said to be upsetting the stakeholders of the party in the state, as it was described a political hara-kiri for the PDP in one of its surest strongholds.

    But Udoh dispelled the fears, describing Akwa Ibom as a decidedly PDP state and the governor a “general in the PDP’s army of good governance,” adding that “the story about the governor signing a pact with APC is a figment of someone’s imagination; the governor is completely, totally dedicated to the success of the PDP and he is a PDP man to the core.”


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