Demolition: Kaduna Government Asks Senator Hunkuyi To Take Case To Court

view of the demolished secretariat

Says Exercise Not targeted At Senator

Kaduna state government said on Wednesday in Abuja that the decision to pull down the building belonging to Senator Salman Hunkuyi being used as factional secretariat of the All Progressives Congress(APC) was not taken out of malice.

Special Adviser to Governor Nasiru El-Rufai, Comrade Uba Sani, who stated this in Abuja said that the Senator shoud feel free to approach the courts.

According to him, the Kaduna Geographic Information Systems (KADGIS) has been issuing notices to affected landlords for sometime adding that a number of affected houses had earlier been pulled down.

According to Sani, the demolition of Senator Hinkuyi’s building is attracting public attention because of his status.

“We have demolished dozens of houses in Kaduna and Zaria but many of them did not attract attention maybe because those people are not big men,” he said.
The Special Adviser added: “The demolition is legal. KADGIS has been issuing notices to people to pay ground rent. The agency issued adverts. It says you pay your ground rent and recertify the titles.

“We demolished dozens of houses in Kaduna and Saris but because these people are poor people, they cannot go to the television and radio. This is a country, we cannot have two laws.”

He also said that it was wrong for the Senate to condemn the demolition when they did not condemn similar exercises carried out earlier in Zaria and Kaduna.
He stated: “If the Senate said today that they condemn it(the demolition), why did they not condemn the dozens of demolitions in Zaria, why didn’t Hunkuyi condemn the demolitions in Zaria?”

UBA Sani further stated: “The demolition was not persecution because if we regard it as persecution, we will regard all the over 100 houses demolished as persecution.
“Maybe because those are not big men, they can’t go to the media. But the man who is involved is a Senator, he can go to the media and talk everywhere.

He can go to court and I assure you if he goes to court he will meet us there.”

He also said that the Governor was not worried the ongoing demolition could affect him at the 2019 elections adding the El-Rufai was intent in doing what is right.


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