Close Your Businesses In South Africa, CUPP Tells Nigerians



… chides Buhari’s steps on situation


The Nigerian opposition group, Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has called on Nigerians in South Africa to as a matter of urgency close their businesses temporarily in order to check further attacks on them.

The group also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take immedaite action against the South African country or resign and step aside from office before Nigerians are wiped out at home and abroad because of his alleged incompetence.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Coalition lamented that the Buhari administration  “has yet again woefully failed in protecting the lives of Nigerian citizens living abroad particularly in South Africa where xenophobic killing of Nigerians and looting of their businesses have gone without any reciprocal diplomatic actions from the government.”

The statement signed by the spokesman, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, advised Nigerians to close their businesses temporarily in order to save their investments and lives in the face of the attacks and lack of action on the part of the government of Nigeria.

“We insist however following the facts that the lack of capacity and global worth of our President is the reason why in less than a week after President Buhari met with President Ramaphosa, the killings heightened. All the government has done more than 24hours after such wanton killing of its citizens was just a few bland tweets from officers of the government who had already began playing the blame game and buck passing. Nigeria can cut diplomatic ties with South Africa and still survive better. Unfortunately there may not be any actions from the temporary government we have.

“Hence CUPP calls on all Nigerians in South Africa to shut their businesses, defend themselves and come back home. Though it is more disheartening that home is also not safer. But at least it is home. Neither President Buhari nor President Ramaphosa who knows that our country cannot reasonably take any actions can protect them now. They should take their destinies in their own hands. Nigerians have with these latest happenings come to the conclusion that President Buhari’s government has outlived its essence which is the protection of lives and property of citizens both at home and abroad.”

The group wondered why President Buhari on the sidelines of TICAD 2019 in Yokohama Japan met with President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa purportedly on the issue of the killings, but refused to address the media on the outcome of the meeting.

“He thereby failed to reassure Nigerians on the actions his government was taking or will take and also failed to use that opportunity to send to South Africans directly a stern message on the dire consequences of their wanton killing of hard working Nigerians.

“Yet again, Caesar watched while Rome burnt. It is now easier to kill a Nigerian both at home in the country and abroad than to kill a mosquito. The President of South Africa and the South African Police have stood by while their citizens wreaked havoc on Nigerians.

“We hereby call on Nigerians to patiently wait as salvation is close. We shall recover all that is lost when the Supreme Court returns our stolen mandate. Our opposition consensus candidate will restore the essence and glory of a government of the people.”



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