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Benue Killings: Banning Herdsmen Is Unconstitutional, Primitive – Senator Adamu

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, Chairman of the Northern Senators’ Forum (NSF) has said that banning the herdsmen from Benue or other states of the federation is not an option, saying it is unconstitutional, retrogressive and even primitive.

The Senator who represents Nasarawa West in the Senate stated this yesterday in Abuja while addressing a press conference on the killings by fulani herdsmen in some nothern states.

Condemning the Benue killings, he maintained: “I will not allow my geopolitical zone be turned to a killing field. The mass killing of our country men and women for whatever reason diminishes all of us. It diminishes our humanity; it diminishes our brotherhood and sisterhood and it diminishes our patriotism.”

Speaking further on the security challenges being witnessed across the nation, Adamu said that “President Muhammadu Buhari inherited it”, adding that “Herdsmen have been part of the cocktail of security challenges this country has been battling from time immemorial.”

He added “Buhari has nothing to gain from the killings by the herdsmen in Benue and other states; nor are there reasons to suppose that he is complicit in them just because he is a fulani man”.

“It is sad today that the herdsmen still manage to bridge the security cordon, despite efforts by our security forces to tame them”, Adamu stressed.

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He however called on state governments to consider the proposed establishment of cattle colonies as a solution to the lingering herdsmen-farmers conflicts.

Adamu emphasised further that states presently objecting to the idea of cattle colonies in their domains should have a rethink in the nearest future as they would see the benefits of the system.

According to him: “Whether it is cattle colonies, ranches or whatever, this moment calls for collective actions to engender peace than calling for the President’s head”.

“This is part of efforts at finding solution to the problem and it made the Ministers of Agriculture and Internal Affairs met with governors of states most affected by the criminal activities of the herdsmen.

“They came up with suggestions that there is need to establish cattle colonies. This does not appear to go down well with these governors and some other people. I do not think anyone is trying to impose this on states concerned. It is part of search for solution.

“We need to dispassionately examine the merits and the demerits of cattle colonies and cattle ranches”, he said.

He asked again: “Which is better and more practicable? Is there a third option?”.

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