2019: Atiku’s Spokesman, Showunmi Attacks APC Over Song Track “Atiku Is A Thief”

Mr Segun Showunmi, Spokesman Atiku Presidential Campaign Organisation has reacted to the newly released song track by the All Progressives Congress APC entitled “Atiku is a thief”, saying that the 2019 elections should be issue based instead of resorting to slander and name calling. 
He reacted through a statement he signed and made available to journalists.
According to the statement: “We need to restate as directed by His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, Presidential Candidate of The PDP that the 2019 election should be issue based, devoid of slandering and name calling.
“We hold the view that unguarded narrative hurts the country and further divides us as a people.
“Some of the consequences of previous mismanaged campaign efforts is perhaps the reason why their is little or no internal cohesion with its attendant security challenges.
“Elections comes every 4 years in our country and if great effort is not taken, we could hurt the country and its people needlessly and invariably our democracy.
“We have to sign up to this ideals, we can campaign without recourse to hate speech, liabel, lies, undue criminalization of people and each other.”
Showunmi added that “On our part we have signed up to running an issue based campaign and if it is not too hard for the Muhammadu Buhari administration and the APC to understand, we call on you to do the same.
“There is greater value in doing so. Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth and we owe it to ourselves and the black race to be above board.
“We are merely trying to present our idea on how the country should be lead and not interested in anything else. And by so doing, set Nigeria and its people on the path of working again.”


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